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  • Bay City

    Originally a port town and shipyard, Bay City grew into a thriving industrial city during the 20th century, known for its naval, chemical and automotive manufactories. Since then the city has been hit hard both by the loss of manufacturing work to …

  • Cathedral District

    Named for its heritage­ listed cathedral, the Cathedral District was the centre of the former town of Midland, before it was annexed by Bay City. These nights the area is one of the city’s major cultural hubs. It is also home to the [[Bay City Heritage …

  • Docks

    Aside from the docks themselves, this area is mainly warehousing with a few factories. Not as busy as it once was. Goldsmith's gangs active here.

  • Jones Island

    Once home to a thriving fishing industry and a sizeable immigrant population from the Baltic Sea. These days the island is known mostly for its sewage treatment plant, while the rest of the island falls into decay.

  • Old Town

    The centre of the former town of Saginaw, before it was annexed by Bay City, this area has been hit harder than most by the decline of manufacturing. These nights, rival gangs fight for control of what’s left of Old Town. A Brujah gang leader named Valeri …

  • Saginaw

    Bay City’s largest industrial area, many of the factories now lie abandoned save for the city’s homeless and the occasional gang. The Brujah elder Mary Thompson holds domain over this area.

  • Underbridge

    A shantytown located mainly under and between the western ends of Houghton Jones and Covenant Bridges. The domain of a Nosferatu alternately known as either The Cat Lady or The Hobo Queen.

  • Sabbat Mansion

    A mansion in an upscale neighborhood that was raided by Megan and others to retrieve a vampire, then blown up by [[:megan | Megan]]. Rescue workers were later found "Matryoshka-ed", and a little girl retrieved from the site. She was later taken from …